Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

We are well-equipped to provide the full advisory and management of both greenfield and brownfield projects.

Our experience :

Past greenfield projects

Past brownfield project

Our support and delivery include :

Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

The work included the conceptualisation of the campus development plans with the various professionals (such as architects, engineers, etc.) as well as the project management work during the construction of the campus; dealing with the regulatory authorities in securing the relevant approvals for the operations of the campus; recruitment of the initial cohort of academic and administrative staff; procurement of appropriate resources; and obtaining appropriate educational accreditations from bodies such as the International Baccalaureate Organisation, Cambridge International Examinations, Council of International Schools, etc. In addition, we undertake the full management of these schools on an ongoing basis.

Operation and Management

We undertake the full operation and management of the following institutions:

Operation and Management

We can provide advisory and management of existing educational institutions that are focused on improving operational efficiency, restructuring to attain greater quality in deliverables, or overall management of the institutions on an ongoing basis.

Our experience:

Due to varying needs and requirements of individual educational institution, our support and delivery can be customised accordingly. They include, but not limited to:

Hong Kong

Raffles Campus Business School

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Raffles Campus Business School

Dubai, U.A.E
Rajasthan, India

Raffles International School

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Excelsior International School

Sydney, Australia